Here is my obama rendering.


New media art is still art, just done a tad bit differently. It really is a whole new monster in the creative art world. It breaks boundaries not only physically but mentally as this new genre challenges us to rethink the capacities at which we should perceive a piece of art, and realistically the notion of how it should look. We are no longer seeing as sometimes we are to use physically use our bodies to interact with the piece, stimulating more than just the mind. Never before has an art genre broken so many artworld barriers, and often times it can’t even be categorized, as technology is so ever changing.  We just can’t keep up any more, hence the word “new” in the title.  What is art if it can’t push us to think and much less be inspired?

I’m a photographer, not so much a “new media artist” but I’m enthralled by the dated process of film, and that’s how I create my art.  I’m a straightforward person, and like doing things in strict regimen, and I dig classical methods.  Which means I’m generally not the type of person to jump out and try new things.  Hopefully in this class I’d like to dabble more with the new media art side, to see how it can affect my art persona, and maybe push me to think more digitally, and possible expand my old work in a whole new way.  I’d like to try and open up myself to the possibilites that new media art has to offer.

Today was the first day of class.

Our Father Blog is here

For our first assignment we interviewed our wingie.

Here is my questionare with Jacilyn Williams.

So why exactly are you here?

I took this class because I want to learn more about dreamweaver, I’m having a tough time finding out information and tutorials for the program.  I’d like to learn more about html, that would be a plus.

Who is your favorite artist/why?

Black eyed peas, because they are of a new genre, and are appealing in and of themselves… they’ve created a style nobody has really came up with.

What is your dream or future of success?

Going for my Second degree in Sunnyvale, in storyboard, and character design.

I want to be an art director.  I’ve got lots of ideas I wants to share.