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So far my final project, I want to work on a body of art I have not dealt with yet, and have been thinking of doing for quite a while, but have not gotten the chance.  As of recently my roommate and a friend have been delving into wheatpasting.  I’ve always wanted to do it but never had the chance until just a few weeks ago.  I think its a fantastic medium to broadcast your art, ideas, emotions, etc.  The possibilities are literally endless when choosing a subject, and understanding the canvas is crucial to the layout of your print.  I wanted to do something different, something I’ve never really seen before.  I’m tired of staying inside my comfort box, and I think this project is the best way to do that.  For my subject, I’m going to work with gay pornographic images, with text overlaying.  The images will be rather graphic, of up close hardcore penetration,in order to convey my subtle message.  Yes, the images will be a major part of the overall design, but what i don’t want is for the viewer to immediately disregard the print as just straight porn, rather art.  To do this i will incorporate text, and i’m thinking “never ending fun”, to be heavily repeated in a circle, around the image. The sex acts will be very obviously unprotected, and happening in a roundabout circle, to give to “never ending” feeling.  What I want to viewer to take from the print is that sex has become something we have no control over, and in turn is affecting our well being (HIV/Aids), and we can’t seem to stop it.  This is something that I see on a daily basis, whether it be from friends, strangers, whatever.  Despite what most think, solicitation for sex (largely unprotected) and drugs has become a normalcy for me.  I feel its sad to see that sex and aids has basically defined our community, and we’ve let it virtually run our lives for us, and relied on it for friendship and camaraderie.  This can’t be said about everyone, I know, but it’s just how i’ve felt lately, and doing artwork like this is in a few therapeutic? from a certain standpoint, and lets me think about my own purpose and wellbeing.  Opening up my ideas to the public through this work, on walls, visually allows people to see hiv/aids/porn/sex in a whole new light and challenges the viewer to think!

In progress.

For my project, I want to give a few tutorials on how to create vintage or retro looking photos, using digital images.  It seems like these days everyone has been really getting into the holga look, and most people use basic filters or apps, such as “hipstamatic” to get that neat retro feel.  Or maybe add graininess, color balance, add light leaks, etc.  I think it would be cool to show how all this can be done in photoshop, as most people don’t know how.

Here’s my image for the vector project that I’m basing the project on…

Still need to play with colors, and little detail, but very open to suggestions and comments!


Original Image:


Crop #1.

And here’s the first lady I’ve vectorized.

I chose to research James Dive, and his team of designers, who call themselves “The Glue Society.”  James have recently gained popularity after his most recent exhibition a few months back in which he took google earth images, and created them into four different scenes from the bible.  He spent over three months, searching for imagery on Google Earth, and researching the actual medium itself.  Much thought had to be put into shadows, color, and seasons.  Such as the ocean color becoming lighter as it reaches the shore, and how this might look accordingly as it should for the Red Sea.  The results James came up with are visually and mentally stimulating.

Although the images themselves are not of actual places in real life, (he took multiple satellite images and stitched them together, to make them appear as close to the biblical environment) you could never tell.  He used a hill for the crucifixion of Christ.  For the Ark, he had to find a mountain that had been completely surrounded by water, to make it seem as though the waters were receding.  The Moses piece uses parts of Niagra falls, deserts and the Red Sea, where the parting claims to have taken place.  The image of the garden of eden is actually from Belgium.  He drew out most of the new imagery to be included on paper, and then used a 3D modeling studio to make his designs 3 dimensional over the course of 3 weeks.

I think part of what I find so entertaining about his pieces, is the approach and medium.  Its funny how much trust we put into Google, and the internet.  We never question the authenticity of Google maps, yet when we put something like religion into the formula, and spin it around like James did, it becomes intelligent and thought provoking.  This hyper-reality allows events that may not have ever occurred to become surprisingly realistic.

Final desecration piece.  Nailing the tyrannical Lady Gaga to the cross, as the world idolizes her every move.

Javier Morales –

For my mashup theme, I’m going to be bashing on the implied term of “gay” and what stereotypes come along with it.  I’ve personally dealt with many of these on my own in different contexts, so I think it would be fun and very appropriate to make my project revolve around it.  First and foremost, Lady Gaga and Madonna aren’t our mortal gods.  I’d like to include them into the final project as sort of mythical creatures looking down from the heavens above.  There are lots of other stereotypes I’d like to totally bash, and mostly with bright rainbow flags.  Not every gay man has HIV, although most seem to generally assume it.  I could portray this in a lighthearted, yet also semi sadistic way, as the disease is rampant, but again we don’t all have it.  Not all of us have lisps and only watch Glee and project runway.  I’d describe myself as one of the most undetectable gays, as I seem to wave my rainbow flag rather lightly at times (for whatever its worth), so playing with these memes and literally breaking down the stereotypes can be a fun and almost therapeutic approach for me to desecrate an idea.