For my mashup theme, I’m going to be bashing on the implied term of “gay” and what stereotypes come along with it.  I’ve personally dealt with many of these on my own in different contexts, so I think it would be fun and very appropriate to make my project revolve around it.  First and foremost, Lady Gaga and Madonna aren’t our mortal gods.  I’d like to include them into the final project as sort of mythical creatures looking down from the heavens above.  There are lots of other stereotypes I’d like to totally bash, and mostly with bright rainbow flags.  Not every gay man has HIV, although most seem to generally assume it.  I could portray this in a lighthearted, yet also semi sadistic way, as the disease is rampant, but again we don’t all have it.  Not all of us have lisps and only watch Glee and project runway.  I’d describe myself as one of the most undetectable gays, as I seem to wave my rainbow flag rather lightly at times (for whatever its worth), so playing with these memes and literally breaking down the stereotypes can be a fun and almost therapeutic approach for me to desecrate an idea.